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How to Make a Latte

If you've ever gone out for coffee and ordered a latte and spent way too much money and thought, "How do they make these? They are so amazing!" Then this recipe is perfect for you.

How to make lattes at home! Starting out by creating the original latte and adding your own twist to it. Build on it by making vanilla lattes, cinnamon or even adding floral notes to it. Create your own signature drink in minutes .

Okay, so know you've got the basics down...

( 1 ). Dairy Free - Try making it dairy free by substituting milk with soy milk or almond milk!

( 2 ). Vanilla Latte - To make a vanilla latte, add 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract to the milk before heating.

( 3 ). Floral Latte - Start by frothing your heated milk, and before adding the milk to your mug, add your tea bag. (My favourite, is lavender and black tea). Then add your sweetener and then milk and stir.

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