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Getting Spring Ready - 5 minute Read

Ready to get organized and get your spring cleaning going, but need a place to start? If you're one of those people who loves to welcome in the new season but needs a little bit of direction and a checklist then, this is for you. Having a little bit of direction, and having each task written down and organized for you can help the process be less stressful and more calming. In this perfect 5-minute read., I've broken it down into two lists. List #1 (House cleaning) and list #2 (spiritual cleaning). Each list contains specific directions, and ideas to help you get going. List one is broken down into chores to help you feel organized and on top. List two is designed to help you feel more mentally organized and grounded.

Overwhelmed at the thought of cleaning? You're not alone. Here is a list with each topic broken down into smaller chunks. Making it easier to tackle. In this post you'll read about the 10 steps for spring cleaning in 2022. The last few years have been hectic. And we spent a lot of time at home. Which means all the more reason to give yourself a fresh start for spring. Spring is about rebirth, and new life. So, give your space exactly that!

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Not quite sure what to do now? Well, don't worry because the next steps are laid out in a list format, so you can both use it now to get yourself ready, and come back and refer to it and later. Now that you have a clean space you can enjoy, here are some steps that I found that helped me keep that fresh spring feeling going and help me stay on top of life. I call it my spiritual cleaning checklist list or list #2. Just as your house needs to be cleaned or your car needs maintenance. So do you.

What do you do to help yourself feel renewed and joyful? Do you wish you were doing more? Perhaps it's time to start journaling, or going outside more, or simply just standing in the sun for a few minutes more than you usually do. Now it's time to show yourself how much you love you. On Valentine's Day you showed your friends, your family and your partner just how much you love them. So now it's time to show yourselves how important you are.

  • 01 / 02 / 03 Journaling: The first thing on the checklist is journaling or writing in a notebook. Or even writing an agenda. The act of simply writing down what you want to do and what you've done and things that you want to do brings these thoughts out of your head and onto paper. So, you can focus on actually doing them instead of what they actually are. Whatever you prefer to write in isn't necessarily the important part. It's what you choose to write inside, for example. One and two on my. Spiritual checklists are things to focus on in the new season. By writing it down, you're taking the first step in putting it into action. Simply writing something down you've taken the first step in making it come true. It is now part of a physical object you can touch, see and hold on to.

  • 04 / 05 / 06 Quotes: Quotes and mantras are an important piece in creating new habits. In moments of struggle or a doubt having something to be able to repeat to yourself and keep yourself grounded, and help you remember your goals.

  • 07 / 08 Questions: by writing down questions. You are giving yourself the opportunity to answer. Even questions as simple as do I need to keep this, or can I give it away? After giving that away or getting rid of it, you no longer have it, making room for more new things in your life.

  • 09 / 10 / 11 / 12 Peace: The last few things on the list are things to do to keep yourself feeling peaceful. Spring is on its way. Your space is clean. Your mind is clear and you're ready for new things. By completing small tasks that make you happy, you are ready to feel happier longer. By doing things like lighting a candle or letting the light in. Allows you to feel grounded in the new season.


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