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Creating a Morning Routine

Here are my ”how -to’s” on creating a routine! Creating steady habits is difficult, and they’re hard to form—particularly good habits. Creating a schedule for your daily tasks and activities that you're able to stick to will help you to form good habits and break bad ones for a more productive, happier life. Let’s begin!

Make a list…

The fist step is making a list, start by writing down EVERYTHING you do now, good or bad. Ex. Wake up, use the washroom, make coffee, check emails, check Instagram etc

Next, write down the order in which you want to do them,

Ex. 1 Wake up, 2 make coffee, 3 washroom, 4 check notifications

Okay, now you should have a pretty good list of things to do in the morning. The next step is figuring out what you want to change,

Ex. First up, I put a set time I want to wake up, next on my morning routine I put make the bed. Then I make coffee. After the coffee’s been made, I get dressed for the day.

1. Wake up at 7:45am, 2. Make Bed, 3. Make coffee, 4. Shower, 5. Get dressed, 6. Breakfast, 7. Leave for school.

Put Your Routine to Work,

Try using your routine for a few days, this is where I actually turn on the coffee machine, wait for it to brew, pour it into my favourite mug, sit in a chair by the kitchen window, and finally drink the coffee. How did it work? Maybe something wasn’t in the right order, or perhaps you had more time and want to fit something else in or take something out. Now that you’ve tried it, change it!


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